How to get a HGV Licence for free, HGV Licence Cost

If you want to make your career as a Lorry Driver, then getting an HGV licence is the first step in this direction. Once you possess this licence, you will be eligible for driving HGV and LGV vehicles. HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle whereas LGV stands for Large Goods Vehicle.

After you get an HGV licence, you will be eligible for driving trucks and lorries that are more than 3.5 tonnes. There are various categories of HGV licences which are as follows:

  • C
  • C + E
  • C1
  • C1 + E

These licences are valid for 5 years and are issued by DVSA which stands for Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

How do I get a HGV licence UK?

To acquire the HGV Licence, you are required to successfully complete special training and pass a theory test. HGV Licence holders typically work for logistics companies as well as professional drivers.

There are many universities and institutes in UK that offer HGV Training programs. You can join any of these institutes and get trained for becoming an HGV driver.

Some people find their interest in HGV driving and want to become a professional HGV driver for any category in the UK. But people need to know about the provisional licence, a medical exam, theory test, driver CPC certification,  practical test. All these modules are necessary to clear as well as periodic HGV driving training every five years. You need to register your form for HGV driving training and once your application is accepted you can start your HGV training.

Once your training is complete, you can apply for heavy goods licence. Here are the steps of getting an HGV licence: 

HGV Training

HGV Medical

An HGV driving aspirant must compulsorily pass a medical exam as a part of the training program. The medical exam is conducted to make sure that the driver does not have any previous medical condition that will prevent him from driving and type of vehicle safely. A doctor will have a brief conversation with the driver to enquire about the medical history of the driver and after that, he will complete the DVLA form.

HGV Theory

After the medical exam, you have to give a theory test. This test consisting of multiple-choice questions is conducted at a test centre. Before giving the actual test, it is advised to practice mock tests. Practicing mock tests will make you confident in clearing the actual test. You will get all the preparatory and exam training resources from your driver training center.

Practical HGV Training

Once the theory test results are out, you can start with practical HGV training with a DVSA certified instructor. The duration of this practical training depends upon your requirements.

HGV Licence Cost

So, how much does it cost to get a HGV licence? As mentioned earlier, you have to pass several tests theoretical as well as practical before getting a HGV licence. The cost depends upon certain factors including the category of licence, medical exam, theoretical exam, and another such exam. The total HGV licence cost is estimated to be between £250 - £300. This excludes HGV training cost. Can I get a HGV licence for free? If you join the military or defence forces, you can get a HGV licence for free.

HGV Licence Renewal

The renewal of HGV licence depends upon your age i.e. whether you are under 45 years of age or above 45 years of age. You can find detailed information on the renewal procedure of the licence here:

HGV Bootcamp Training

The UK government is funding the HGV skills Bootcamp training to address the lorry driver shortage. The Department for Education (DfE) has set aside £17 million to fund HGV Bootcamp for new drivers, the camp usually lasts for 16 weeks. If you want to learn more, check the for additional information.

What Are The Different Classes Of The HGV Licence?

There are four different classes of this driving Licence:

Category C+E

Some people want to drive vehicles that are more than 7.5 tonnes in weighing and also trailers in weight more than 750 kg then; they need a Category C+E driving licence.

Category C

A category C licence enables drivers to drive all vehicles from Lorries to be trucks. You must be over 18 years old to get a category C driving licence.

Category C1+E

If some want to drive vehicles around in weight 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes, then, you need to get the category C1+E driving licence.

Category C1

A vehicle above 3.5t and below 7.5t in weight requires a category C1 driving licence.

Age requirement for every type of licence

Every people want to know the answer to this question of how old do they need for every category of licence. You need to be 18 years of age for these all kind of HGV driving licence.

Do I Need A Car Licence First?

A valid car driving license is essential for all kinds of driver training.

When Do I Need To Renew My Licence?

In case, you are over 45 years age then it is required for you to renew your driving licence every five years, and over 65 years of age, at that point your renewal necessary to be annual.

What Times Can I Work As An HGV Driver?

HGV driver working hours depend on the various factors like where your location is and how much is your experience.

How much does it cost to get an HGV licence in UK?

You need to follow specific criteria to get the HGV licence in UK , that is getting the HGV driver training and clearing the theory and the practical test. The cost is generally based on various factors like licence type, medical exam, theory exam, etc that is £250 – £300 approx.

How do you get your HGV licence?

To get the particular HGV licence of your choice, firstly you need to be at least 18 years of age and should have a provisional car licence and you need to work through some of the criteria. That is you need to get the accurate HGV driver training followed by the HGV driving tests that are the medical exam, theory exam, practical exam, etc. Once you pass the test with at least the minimum requirements, then you can get your HGV licence easily.

Can I go straight to Class 1 HGV?

Firstly you need to get a Class 2 driving licence. Once you qualify for the Class 2 HGV driver's licence, then you can go straight for the Class 1 HGV driver licence by giving the category E-based driving practical test.

Class 1 HGV Licence Cost

HGV Class 1 Licence cost is determined by several elements, including the licence category, medical exam, theoretical exam, and other similar exams. In general, the cost of an HGV licence is between £250 and £300. Before you may earn a Class 1 HGV licence, you must pass some theoretical and practical tests.

What is an HGV licence?

An HGV or LGV lorry licence is a different term for the Class 2 lorry licence, as it allows you to drive a lorry over the weight of 7.5 tonnes and maximum up to 32 tonnes. For this, you need to apply for the DVLA for the entitlement to drive an HGV and further meet higher medical standards to get the HGV Driving licence. 

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