HGV Hazard Perception Theory Test with Some Passing Strategies

Driving an HGV while taking a hazard perception test meant for car drivers may appear strange at first. People often think that hazard perception is just to show their potential, but in reality, HGV hazard perception tests are all about indicating errors on time.

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What Comes Under the Hazard Perception Test

If you are going for the Hazard Perception test then make sure that you have to pass the theory test as well as the CPC test. Moreover, the most important thing is that the HGV hazard perception test is valid for two years only.  

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Hazard Perception Test: Passing Strategies

  • Drivers with more experience generally recognise hazards faster and sometimes even before the system does. You may get less credit for this. When you spot the hazard at the proper moment, you get five marks; but, if you spot it too early or too late, you can get fewer points—four, three, two, or sometimes one.
  • You should be informed before you begin that there is no way to pause or resume any of the video clips; this is done to replicate the necessity of being alert when driving.
  • Be advised that clicking continuously or rhythmically will result in your disqualification and exam failure. Furthermore, if you simply click once, it's possible that you missed any possible dangers in the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UK theoretical test for Hazard Perception?

The second portion of your driving theory test is called the Hazard Perception Test. It consists of fourteen or fifteen video segments that depict commonplace situations you could come into while driving. All vehicle types take the same HPT test, although there are differences in the quantity of questions and video clips.

How should I get ready for the UK Hazard Perception Test?

  • Understand what a risk is.
  • Try out a practice exam.
  • Keep an eye out.
  • Avoid clicking excessively.
  • Keep an eye out for traffic signs.
  • There will be two risks in one clip, not simply one.

How Many Clicks are allowed in the Hazard Perception Test UK?

Click the mouse as soon as you notice the hazard beginning to develop if you want a high score. If you click and make a mistake, you do not lose points. But if you click in a certain way or often, you won't get any points. You can only try each clip once.

How long is the validity of the UK driving theory test?

Your pass certificate number is valid for two years if you pass. If you fail the driving test during that period, you will need to retake the theory exam.

Can I click "Hazard Perception" ten times?

Don't click on a single clip more than five or ten times. Only click when a danger is detected. To confirm that you clicked anywhere inside the marking zone, click again a little while later. As soon as you spot a danger, click.

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