All About the Midas Driver Training

The Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme is part of Midas Driver Training. It is a membership-based programme that supports a national standard for minibus driver evaluation and training across the United Kingdom. The programme seeks to improve minibus driving standards and the vehicles' safe operation.

Any organisation that utilises or operates minibuses is subject to Midas Driver Training requirements. We have a fleet of minibuses as a municipal authority, to which Midas applies.

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Benefits of Midas Driver Training

  • Increased comfort and safety for passengers.
  • A boost in motorist confidence.
  • Improves the reputation of your company.
  • Possible reductions in operating expenses and insurance.
  • Nationally accepted approved standard.
  • Midas Driver Training: Eligibility Criteria
  • Be in the age range of 21 to 70. You may apply if you pass a comprehensive medical examination and are older than 70.
  • Possess a valid driver's licence.
  • Have a driver's licence with category D1 entitlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MiDAS Driver Training Course Lasts for How Long?

Midas driver training includes instruction in both theory and practice. The theory training is completed in a one day session lasting roughly 4 hours (Standard) or 8 hours (Accessible). The practical driving evaluation takes about sixty minutes. For additional details regarding training schedules, get in touch with your preferred instructor.

What is the Training Programme for MiDAS?

A nationwide programme called MiDAS aims to improve minibus drivers' driving and passenger awareness abilities. While not mandated by law, MiDAS is becoming more and more recognised as a "best working practice." The majority of minibus companies prefer that its drivers hold a MiDAS qualification.

For What Duration is MiDAS Valid?

The validity of your MiDAS certificate is for four years. You will be required to participate in a Refresher Training session after four years. The validity of a driver's licence is four years.

Who requires the Midas Driver Training?

Under the Community Transport Association's administration, MiDAS stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme. The programme aims to improve minibus driving standards and encourage the safer operation of minibuses by offering a nationally accepted standard for the evaluation and training of minibus drivers.

A MiDAS test: what is it?

The MiDAS's goal is to guarantee that every applicant completes the training at the greatest possible level, enabling you to operate a minibus safely, calmly, and confidently. At the conclusion of the session, certificates are given out; the MiDAS certificate needs to be updated every four years.

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