How and Why is Car+Trailer B+E Important


Any driver who has driven a car in the past and wishes to pull a trailer up to 3,500 kg must complete this Car+Trailer B+E training course. Anyone with a valid driver's licence who is at least 17 years old is eligible to enrol in this course. If you pass your driving test after January 1, 1997, you are allowed to drive a car or van up to 3,500 kg maximum authorised mass (MAM) with a caravan up to 750 kg MAM. You can pull a trailer weighing more than 750 kg as long as the combined mass of the vehicle and trailer is less than 3,500 kg. Provided you pass your driving test prior to January 1, 1997, you are permitted to operate a car or van with a trailer weighing up to 8,250 kg MAM.

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