Some Important Aspects About the Bus Driver Training

If you wish to receive a D1 or bus licence, you must complete the Bus Driver Training. After completing the bus driving course, a few things will make the process of getting your bus licence easier for you. The three examinations that are crucial to passing are the theory, practical, and medical exams. Remember that these exams are an integral element of bus driver training. With this D1 licence, you can drive a minibus or bus that weighs less than 3.5 tonnes.

Before you attend the bus driver training center, make sure to choose a category so that you can get detailed information on buses and HGVs. Forms D2 and D4 must be completed to proceed with bus licensing.  If you are operating a bus on the road, you can accommodate up to 16 people.

Bus Driver Training: D4 Form Importance

This D4 form, which includes the findings of your eye exam, is filled out by your doctor. To ascertain if you are medically fit or not, the doctor will perform several tests on you. This D4 form has no fees attached, although you might be charged by your doctor and eye care professional. 

Bus Driver Training: D2 Form Importance

You can be qualified for more than one provisional entitlement in addition to the one you request, depending on the kind of provisional licence you select on form D2. Select the appropriate category from the list on your D2 form.

Duration Period of Bus Driver Training

A career in passenger transport driving could be obtained through an intermediate apprenticeship. You need to have at least a Category B driver's licence to start bus driver training. Together with off-the-job studies, the 12-month apprenticeship program includes on-the-job training.

HGV Training

Bus Driver Training: Basic Requirement

  • The first is that you have to carry a CAT B Licence.
  • If you are 18 years old, only then you can apply for the bus driver training.
  • After all these credentials you have to clear the medical test in your first attempt.
  • CPC certification is the basic requirement if you plan to apply for bus driver training.


You will receive the necessary bus driver training at GS Driver Training in order to be qualified to obtain a bus licence. To contact us as soon as possible, all you have to do is go to our official website. Our group will guarantee that we offer our finest services to you at incredibly low costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Obtain a UK Bus Licence?

  • Ask for a provisional bus or HGV licence.
  • You need to pass each of the five Driver CPC exams to qualify.
  • Every five years, you must finish 35 hours of periodic training to maintain your certification.

Are There Enough Bus Drivers in the UK?

In response to the present HGV problem, thousands of people retrained as truck drivers; nevertheless, there is currently a shortage in the bus and coach industry as well. Nowadays, over thirty percent of drivers are over fifty-five, and fewer young people are choosing to become professional drivers.

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