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The Driver CPC, or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, is a requirement for anyone who wants to operate a bus, coach, or HGV vehicle professionally. In simple words, a Driver CPC is required if you drive an HGV, LGV, bus, or coach for a living.

To maintain your driver CPC licence, you must complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years. Now don’t think much about how to get your CPC card, just get in touch with GS Driver Training and train yourself under our expertise.

CPC Training: Different Types of Training Courses

The Driver Initial CPC Training and Periodic CPC Training are the two training courses that make up the Driver CPC Licence Training.

Driver Initial CPC Training

For drivers who have "acquired rights," the Initial Driver CPC is not required, although it is for newly qualified drivers.

To obtain your CPC card, you need to pass both of the test-filled sections. Should this be your first time operating a heavy-duty vehicle, you will have to finish an extensive four-part training curriculum.

These comprise the Theory and Practical components of the HGV Training and Tests, which are also the initial CPC modules. If you wish to drive professionally, you need to complete all four sections.

The four modules that make up the Driver Initial CPC Training are as follows:

  • Module 1: Theory Test
  • Module 2: Case Studies
  • Module 3: Practical Test
  • Module 4: Driver CPC Practical Test

Module 1: Theory Test

This includes:

Multiple choice Questions: There are one hundred questions in around two hours. At the moment, more than 85% of people pass this.

Hazard Perception: Candidates see a series of 19 films, with a maximum of 5 points awarded for each hazard that is identified. The passing score is 67%.

Module 2: Case Studies

This online test consists of roughly seven case studies that illustrate common scenarios that a heavy-duty vehicle driver may experience. For every situation, there are corresponding multiple-choice questions. Less than two hours are needed to finish the test, and 80% is the passing mark.

Module 3: Practical Test

The practical test for a licence is meant to evaluate your driving abilities. It includes questions about practical off-road and road driving as well as vehicle safety. It is approximately ninety minutes long.

Module 4: Driver CPC Practical Test

Throughout this practical test, the driver must not only operate a vehicle but also explain and show a number of activities. As an example:

  • Emergency processes.
  • Loading correctly.
  • Vehicle safety check demonstration.

All About CPC Periodic Training

Experienced, professional HGV drivers are qualified for recurring driver CPC training. Maintaining your Initial Driver CPC after 35 hours of Periodic Training every five years is required by law.

Driver CPC Periodic Training covers a range of topics related to commercial HGV driving, and the training modules need to be approved by the industry's regulating authorities, JAUPT and DVSA.

You ought to be able to update your CPC from the convenience of your house, as the majority of providers now offer online CPC.

The reviews from the HGV driving community have been overwhelmingly positive in response to this. Make sure the provider you choose has gotten good reviews for their online course offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does CPC Mean in the UK?

Professional drivers of buses, coaches, and trucks are required to complete Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) training to advance in their careers. If you pass your Driver CPC, you will receive a Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

Is CPC Acceptable in the UK?

In order to legally drive a truck in the United Kingdom, the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, you need to possess a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You must carry your Driver CPC card, sometimes referred to as a "driver qualification card" or "DQC," at all times.

What is required to obtain a Professional Competence Certificate?
The card is also known as a driver qualifying card. When operating a professional truck, bus, or coach, you must have this card. To obtain a CPC card, 35 hours of periodic training are needed.

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