How Much Does an HGV Driver Earn in the UK?

Nowadays, there’s a high demand for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers....

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Is it Difficult to Pass the HGV Driving Test?

To become a HGV driver you will need the appropriate driving license....

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How Many Hours a Week is an HGV Driver Supposed to Work?

The regulations governing HGV driving and tachographs can be pretty st...

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Is it Possible to Drive Straight After Passing Your HGV Test?

Becoming an HGV driver can take some time and patience is needed to fo...

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What’s The Difference Between HGV Class 1 and Class 2?

Britain is running short of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers. The sho...

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How to become an HGV Class 1 Driver?

HGV Class 1 is a category within HGV driving. This can also be known a...

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