What is Fast Track HGV Training & Its Cost?

Have you started your HGV training or found a better option? As we all know, HGV driving is the highest-paying job in the logistics industry, but the process is time-taking. Because of the training and tests, people didn’t want to enter this field. Therefore the UK had a shortage of HGV drivers in 2020. To cover it up, the government decided to add new schemes and shorten the length of training and licences.

So after 2020, you don’t need to take the test for category C if you want a category C+E licence. You can directly get the training for your desired HGV licence.

In the blog, we will learn more about fast-track training and fast-track HGV training cost.

What is Fast Track HGV Training?

To reduce the burden of HGV drivers, Centers initiated fast-track training courses. When you want the HGV licence without passing all the levels of tests or obtaining a lower HGV licence, it is known as fast-track HGV driver training. This course has three parts. It includes

  • Fast track C+E 28-hour course including DVSA Driving Test
  • Fast track C+E 35-hour course including DVSA Driving Test
  • Fast track C+E 40-hour course including DVSA Driving Test

You can opt for any of them and start your fast-track HGV training.

Now let us talk about fast-track HGV training costs. It should be within your budget.


Fast Track HGV Training Costs

As you all know, Fast Track HGV driving is the shortcut to entering the world of HGV as a professional, but we make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. We use all the resources similar to actual HGV driver training. The difference between fast-track and basic HGV training is the training hours. The three fast-track training courses have different costs. Let’s check out the Fast-track HGV training cost of all HGV courses.

28 Hour Course

This Fast Track training is for 28 hours. It includes DVSA 3A and 3B tests. The course is only for drivers who want practical training. It costs around £ 2429 Inc. VAT. Add theory, Hazard Perception, medical, and online revision to the course. The cost will be £ 2554 Inc. VAT. To add Driver CPC, you have to pay £ 2904 Inc. VAT.

35 Hour Course

This course is for 35 hours and is similar to the 28-hour lesson. You get trained for 35 hours. The cost of practical training is £2945 Inc. VAT. Add theory, Hazard Perception, medical, and online revision for £3070 Inc. VAT and driver CPC for £3420 Inc VAT.

40-hour course

As you choose this course, you get the training for 40 hours. This course is similar to 28 and 35-hour classes, but there is some difference in the cost. The fast track HGV training cost for this course is £3473 Inc VAT. Add other services for £3595 Inc. VAT and Driver CPC for £3948.

So this was all about Fast track training and fast-track HGV training cost. Now you know about the budget, so all the best for your training.

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